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It's quick and easy. is an an online coupon directory for Hamilton & surrounding areas. Needless to say, we exist for one, and only one purpose, that is to help you save money!

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For the consumers, saving money has never been easier! With, you can find the coupons you want and use them whenever you need to.

Have you ever been in a situation where you were looking desperately for a particular coupon, but it had ended up in a garbage can sometime ago because at that time you'd thought you would never need it? With, this will never happen to you again! Coupons are available online 24/7 and 365 days a year.

All you need to do:
  1. Go online to and search for a particular coupon

  2. Print the coupon

  3. Present it to the store and SAVE!

And it's completely FREE!

Businesses save more and gain more with! provides an alternative and cost-effective method of getting your coupons or flyers into the hands of the consumers. By posting your coupons online with us, your potential customers can find and print your coupons any time they need it.

And best of all, the cost is only a fraction compared to other methods of advertising!

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[ Subscribe to mailing list!] is a one-stop solution for businesses and individuals in Hamilton and the surrounding areas who are looking for ways to save their spending. If you want to advertise on our website or submit a coupon, just drop us an e-mail.


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Hamilton Coupons provides Hamiltonians with coupons in various category of businesses. From spas to restaurants to hotels, we hand picked coupons that we think are valuable to you. If you own a business and have coupons to give out, let us know and we'll add them for you to our website.
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